Allergens and Air Filters

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Spring means allergy season in Fortuna. As you stock up on antihistamines and tissues, don’t forget about your vehicle!

What does my car have to do with allergies?

Surprisingly, one simple maintenance task can help you breathe easy in your car:

Air Filters

The cabin air filter traps dust, pollen, and allergens from the outside and prevents it from entering the inside of your vehicle. Over time, the air filter becomes full of debris and cannot continue to do its job.

If the cabin air filter is too full, you may notice reduced air flow from the vents inside your vehicle. The air conditioning may not work as well. Place your hand in front of the vent – if you cannot feel air flow, bring your vehicle in for an inspection.

Replace your vehicle’s cabin air filter regularly for best results. The technicians at Sandera’s Auto Works can inspect your air filters every time your vehicle is in for an oil change. The cabin air filter is inexpensive to replace and can keep your car comfortable and free from irritants in the air.

In addition to the cabin air filter, the engine air filter should also be replaced periodically. Imagine trying to breathe with a dirty rag over your mouth — that’s how your engine feels with a dirty air filter. The engine air filter ensures fresh air enters the engine without any road debris or dust.

Both of these air filters should be replaced regularly to keep your engine and your passengers breathing easier! As we head into peak allergy season, replace the cabin air filter to get some extra relief inside your vehicle this spring.

To schedule your next oil change and filter service, request an appointment online. If you have any questions about air filters or maintenance for your vehicle, call our Fortuna auto repair shop at 707.725.6321