Talkin’ ‘Bout the Car Wash, Yeah!

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This may come as bad news for drivers who don’t seem to notice when their cars have collected a thick layer of grime, but a clean car is typically a healthy car. Allowing your car to collect dirt for extended periods of time can cause damage to the car’s finish and even lead to dreaded rust.

On the other side of the car-cleanliness spectrum are the drivers who don’t leave home without a sparkly sheen and streak-free windows. They know that cleaning a car is imperative to keeping the car looking – and running – great, but they may assume that they need to do the work themselves.

The good news for both types of car owner is that automatic car washes do the job well, and in a fraction of the time it would take to do it by hand. The average automatic car wash takes only seven minutes from spray down to blow dry. Whether you typically spend hours cleaning your car yourself, or you don’t mind being able to draw a sad face in thick dust, you can appreciate an occasional seven-minute automatic scrub.

Not only are they fast, automatic car washes are also safer and more efficient than the hose-bucket-driveway method. So many aspects of the DIY system can go awry, causing far more problems than all that hassle is worth. The wrong soap/water mix may leave dirt behind as you wash, leading to tiny scratches in the paint. These tiny bits of dirt, if left behind, can also contribute to rusting.

How much time does it take to wash your entire car’s exterior by hand? Rinse, wash, rinse again… Why spend an hour or more of your valuable downtime doing what an automatic car wash can accomplish just in a few minutes?

Automatic car washes won’t harm your car’s finish; they do a thorough job removing all dirt; and they are time/cost efficient. Many modern automatic car washes are touchless – this means no brushes or scrubbers physically touch your car. Brushes are things of the past! During a touchless wash, water and detergents are sprayed through high-pressure hoses. High-pressure water will not harm your car’s finish.

If you plan on going through an automatic car wash that isn’t touchless, it’s best to confirm that all of the brushes that will come in contact with your car are made of cloth. Cloth is perfectly safe and gentle on car paint, but a few outdated car washes may still use abrasive brushes that could put tiny scratches into the paint of some cars.

After driving through high-powered jets in an automatic car wash, your car will still be wet. Leaving with a clean, but wet, car is fine. We recommend that you skip any post-wash drying service that may be offered. You can’t be sure that the towel being used is completely clean and free of dirt/lint that could potentially mar your car’s finish. That same towel may have picked up dirt from dozens of other cars that day, or could have been dropped on the ground at some point.

When it comes to drying, let the jets do the work. Modern automatic car washes usually finish with powerful, heated air jets. These blow most water off the car – the small amount of water left behind is completely fine.

If you have gone through a car wash that used harsh brushes and later noticed any damage to your car’s finish, come by and our certified specialists can assess the damage, and inspect your vehicle for any other auto repair services you may need. Stop by any time or call us with questions at 707-725-6321.