Drive Safely in the Rain

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Spring time means rain in California, rain means wet roads, and wet roads mean new challenges for drivers! From slippery brakes to hydroplaning, don’t let this season’s rain storms catch you off guard! This month, we’re offering tips for safe driving in the rain:

First, slow down! Take your time and decrease your speed to keep in control of your vehicle in wet conditions. Slowing down is the most reliable method to prevent your vehicle from hydroplaning. Plan extra time for your regular commutes so you don’t find yourself rushing to your destination.

Check your windshield wipers. Most heavy rain is accompanied by poor visibility. Make sure your windshield wiper blades are up to the task! If they leave behind streaks of water that compromise your vision, replace the wiper blades right away.

Turn your lights on. Wet roads can lead to splashing water and mist rising from the surface of the road. Your headlights can help other drivers see your vehicle. Even in broad daylight, turning your headlights on can make your vehicle more visible on wet and foggy roads.

Leave space between vehicles. Because wet conditions can slow down your vehicle’s reaction time, give the cars around you more space. Add 1-2 extra seconds of following time or an extra car length between vehicles.

Avoid puddles. Whenever possible, avoid driving through standing water. Puddles can be hiding other hazards, like potholes, which can damage your vehicle. Avoid the outer lanes and low areas where water tends to accumulate. Following in the tire tracks from other cars can help you stay in a safe path.

This season, follow these tips for driving in the rain. Stay safe on the roads in Fortuna with a spring safety inspection. Our experienced technicians will make sure your vehicle can handle the wet conditions by checking tires, brakes, and key safety systems. Request an appointment online.