Get your Car Ready for Winter

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Winter is finally upon us after what seemed like an endless summer the weather is cooling, the rain is falling and holiday driving is looming. It can be a hassle to drive long distances even in fair weather, but add in some rain and snow and going over the river and through the woods to Grandmas house can be down right dangerous. Here are some tips to keep your car running great and on the road so you can worry about one less thing this Holiday season.

Get a Tune-up
Schedule needed maintenance that you have been putting off before winter really sets in. Cold weather can magnify existing problems such as hard starting, sluggish performance and rough idling.

Check your Tires
As the temperature falls, so does your tire pressure. Low tire pressure can affect your cars ability to handle properly so make sure to check your tire pressure before going on a trip. Also, consider getting new tires, sliding off the road isn’t the best way to discover your tires are worn out! If you have been waiting to buy tires don’t delay your safety depends on tire traction. Remember it is safest to replace all four tires at once.

Get your Wipers ready
Humboldt’s famous fog and rain will cut down your visibility even more in the winter. You have to replace your wiper blades more often than you may think, even the best blades start to loose their effectiveness in as little as six months of fairly constant use. Streaks or missed spots on your windshield are signs that the blades are ready to be replaced.

Check you Headlights
Make sure your headlights are working properly and the lenses stay clean for optimum visibility. Also, check the condition of your headlights lenses of they are clean, but the plastic looks cloudy or has condensation inside, be sure to bring it in and we can have a look to make sure the lights are not leaking or your lenses may need to be treated so that they are clear again.

Have your Battery tested
It is more difficult for your battery to function in cold weather. Make sure to bring your car in to have the battery volt tested to be sure it is strong enough to last through the winter.

Check your Coolant level
Coolant or antifreeze as the name suggests keeps your engine from freezing in the winter, and while we don’t get many days below freezing here in Humboldt if you are planning travel to even colder destinations make sure your coolant level is full and you don’t have any leaks.

If your not sure about your cars safety or you just want some peace of mind, bring your car in and we can do a 45-point inspection to make sure you are good to go. Call us at 707-725-6321 or You can also book an appointment online by clicking HERE

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