What Can I Do About A Leaky Car

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Most cars experience leaks and oil loss at some point in their lifetime. While many small leaks can be prevented, sometimes these leaks need to be checked out by an certified technician at an auto repair shop immediately.

One of the most common causes of oil leaking is an improperly sealed drain bolt. When you have your oil changed, the oil pan is drained. Usually a new washer is placed around the drain bolt when it is replaced, however, sometimes cheaper oil change services may not include a new washer, so new leaks may arise after your oil is changed. If there is a leak that continues more than a day or two after your oil is changed, then the washer may be the culprit.

Older cars often have small oil leaks as well. Often times seals in these vehicles become deformed over time due to temperature changes and other normal mechanical vibrations in the car. It is extremely important to check your oil level in your vehicle frequently in these kinds of vehicles.

The worst case scenario is that your vehicle has a sudden loss of oil. Most vehicles today have some kind of warning indicator or light that will show that you have lost oil pressure. If this is the case, make sure to stop your car right away and turn it off. Without oil, your car will have friction build up which can destroy internal engine components, potentially causing permanent damage to your car.

If when you check your oil you notice oil loss, but no stains underneath or an oily engine, this may indicate that your vehicle is burning oil . This could indicate a very serious problem and could lead to a loss of power and lowered fuel efficiency. If this is the case, make sure to have your vehicle checked over by an ASE certified technician right away.

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