Transmission Repair Warning Signs

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Your vehicle’s transmission is vital to its ability to run. Both automatic and manual transmissions ensure that power moves from the engine to the wheels, the basic recipe for propulsion.

In addition to making sure the wheels are moving, transmissions also keep the engine’s RPMs in an optimal range to ensure everything is running smoothly. This is accomplished through a complicated combination of gears and parts that recognize and evaluate changes in speed and adjust accordingly to optimize the vehicle’s energy usage.

If your transmission is not shifting gears properly, your car will not run smoothly; it may buck or even stall while grinding noises will be audible from beneath the vehicle. Smoke may even be emitted depending upon the severity of the issue.

In the event that any of these warning signs appear, you should have your vehicle inspected by a technician ASAP.

Fix Minor Transmission Problems Before They Get Worse
As is the case with the vast majority of auto repairs, transmission repair costs can be lessened if minor problems are tended to before they have a chance to worsen.

Some minor transmission issues that can be brought to your mechanic’s attention include:

– Leaks or stains under the car: Transmission fluid is usually reddish in color, which makes it easier to distinguish from other vehicle fluids. In both front and rear while drive vehicles, transmissions are located beneath the rear. Puddles of red fluid towards the back of your car indicate a potential leak somewhere in the system.
– Noises: If you typically drive with the stereo cranked up, turn it down occasionally and listen to your vehicle. Many auto problems start out simply as unusual noises, but if you’re not sure what your vehicle sounds like normally you may not be able to tell the unusual from the usual. If you hear a distinct whining sound beneath your floorboards, there’s a good chance your transmission may be on the verge of having issues.
– Changes in shifting behavior: Your car should move smoothly between gears regardless of whether you have an automatic or a manual transmission. If you feel a jolt of any kind or the vehicle bucks while shifting, your transmission needs to be checked out.

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